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Baltimore - The Monumental City

Author Christopher George has graciously given permission to publish his series that bring Baltimore's monuments to life. Long before Charm City fame, Baltimore was known as the "Monumental City"

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Current Selections
John Quincy Adams and "The Monumental City"
To Those Who Serve Us: The Firefighters of Baltimore
Fame (Sort Of) But No Titles for the Bonapartes of Baltimore
Sidney Lanier--Baltimore's Southern Poet-Musician
Refurbished Key Monument to Be Site on Star-Spangled Banner Walking Tour
Frederick Douglass: A Monumental Rebuke to Slavery
Who Killed Robert Ross In The War of 1812
Celebrating Lord Baltimore's City
Thurgood Marshall - A Statue as Rugged As His Character
Baltimore's Monument to George Washington
Fort McHenry - Birth of a National Icon

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