I Remember the "Cool-Off" Rides on the Streetcars

By Owens Pomeroy <opomeroy@msn.com>

     Before there was air conditioning in the homes of Baltimore, the Baltimore Transit Company, had, from May 30, to September 1st. the "Cool-Off" Rides on the streetcars of Baltimore. What it amounted to was that from 6 pm til Midnight during those months, you could ride all night long on one fare from one end of the line to the other.

     My particular ride started at Chestnut Avenue and W. 36th. Street, where we boarded the #25 that ran from Light & Lee Streets down town, all the way to Pimlico and back again. We usually boarded it going North to Pimlico, and then we would ride it back through Hampen, Down Chestnut Aveue to W. 33rd. Street, across the old Viaduct that connected to Remington and down Remington Avenue then West to 25th. Street and South to Howard Street, and points beyond to Light and Lee Streets.

     We usually disembarked after a full round trip. But when we got off....boy! It was like stepping in to an oven some nights, it was so hot.

     The #10 was a shorter run, North, on W. 36th. Street, going only to the Water Tower on Roland Avenue (where the car barn was) and South through Hampden on the same route only to Redwood Street. We usually had plenty of snacks and a thermos of water or ice tea and reading material to accompany us on those hot, summer nights. What pleasant memories those rides were.

Owens Pomeroy
Baltimore, MD

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