BSM's Mechanical Shop

[ shop-1.jpg ] This close up of car 264's side frame shows the final alignment checks in progress before the sides of the frames are milled parallel to match the journal boxes. Rick Obbink is making the adjustments.

This picture shows a shopman disconnecting the lifting chain from 264's side frame after it was aligned on the milling machine. The chain was required due to the weight and length of this item.

[ shop-2a.jpg ] This picture shows the overall length of the side frame relative to the shopman and the milling machine. The lifting chain is still attached since the final alignment has not been completed. Members Rick Obbink and Elmer Packie are hard at work.
[ shop-3.jpg ] Two of the shopmen(Joe Wagner and Mark Hurley) are shown working on a contactor for PCC 7407. This contactor was one of ten removed from the car during its major overhaul. Each contactor was disassembled, inspected, and reassembled with new parts as needed.

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