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John LaCosta

Track Update for March-April 2003

John LaCosta    Saturday (3/1)

     Ben Bates was Dispatcher for a birthday charter with David Naujokas as crew.

     Sunday (3/2)

     John La Costa was Dispatcher with David Naujokas and Don Homberg as crew.

     Saturday (3/8)

     Training of our new class is in full swing. Meanwhile the transportation department was doing some house cleaning and replaced some small file cabinet's with a set of larger one. Dan Lawrence, Mark Hurley and I were the moving department for the day.

     Carl Merson was Dispatcher for a birthday charter with David Naujokas and Chris Howell as crew.

     Sunday (3/9)

     Carl Merson was Dispatcher with Chris McNally, Drew Paren, Kevin Mueller and Bernie Sachs as crew.

     Saturday (3/15)

The Titling BSM Pole     One of the risks of running through the highway yard is every so often one of the big trucks backs into a line pole of ours. During the past snow storms one of our line poles was hit and the overhead wire was out of adjustment. Dan McCaffery, Ed Amrhein and I went out to 27th street and readjusted the wire back to its normal location. Some day we will have to straighten the pole.

     Buster Hughes and Chris McNally did a great job in grading and seeding number 2 track after the track gang had replaced the bad ties.

     Training of the class, six students, continued.

     After training CJ and Joyce joined Gary Fairbanks at the shop.

     Sunday (3/16)

     John La Costa was Dispatcher with Dennis Yeager, Carl Thistel and Paul Ritterhoff as crew.

     Saturday (3/22)

     Training continued for the class of 6. John Engleman worked on the expanding "O" gauge layout while I did a quick repair of the PCC's hand brake indicator lamp circuit. Sam and family washed and cleaned some of the streetcars.

     Sunday (3/23)

     John O'Neil was Dispatcher with Jim Robertson, Paul Ritterhoff and David Naujokas as crew.

     Saturday (3/29)

     Training class.

     Sunday (3/30)

     Ed Amrhein was Dispatcher with Carl Merson, John Engleman and Jim Robertson as crew.

     Wednesday (4/2)

     C. Ben Bates was Dispatcher for a charter with Maury Bates, Charlie Plantholt and Mike Citro as crew.

     Saturday (4/5)

The Big BSM Power Wash     Dennis Yeager fired up the power washer and cleaned the outside Visitor Canter brickwork. I spent the morning teaching the students manifest with Ed and I giving the on car instruction.

     Sunday (4/6)

     Ben Bates was Dispatcher with Dan Larwence, Bernie Sachs and Dennis Falter as crew.

     Saturday (4/12)

     David Crow was Dispatcher for a Birthday Charter with Ray Cannon and David Naujakas as crew.

     Sunday (4/13)

     Chris Howell was Dispatcher with Mike Citro, Greg Thompson and Sharon Higgins as crew.

     Sunday (4/20)

     Bob Krueger was Dispatcher on Easter Sunday with Jimmy Genthner and Carl Thistel as crew.

     Sunday (4/27)

     Dan Lawrence was Dispatcher with Paul Ritterhoff and David Naujokas as crew.

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