Arabber Preservation Society

Arabber Preservation Society (A.P.S.) - Mission and History


The Arabber Preservation Society was created in March of 1994 to help the Retreat Street stable comply with city building codes. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the support and preservation of Baltimore's horse-cart vendors [arabbers] and functional horse-cart vending [arabbing].

We recognize arabbing as an African-American folk tradition; an economically viable system and a method of apprenticeship completely unique to Baltimore. In recent years some of our last stables and arabbers have not been able to survive. Our society is committed to supporting the rights of arabbers and truth in media representation. We are dedicated to helping them continue their vital and autonomous economy without interfering with their self sufficiency and tradition.

History Outline of the Arabber Preservation Society (A.P.S.)

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Contact The Arabber Preservation Society, Dan Van Allen, President, 410-385-1277
118 S. Arlington Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21223

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