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New stalls built and old stalls enlarged at Arabber Center and Carlton Street Stable
Arabber Mural Project paints more than 8 walls at and around Arabber Center
8 horse drawn wagons now operating in Baltimore
APS restores rear door,west and north walls at Carlton Street Stable
Bruce St. Stable closed for building code violations
APS mediates a landlord tenant dispute at Carlton Street Stable, APS replaces a broken water supply line at Carlton Street Stable, Three horse drawn wagons operated this year
Five Horse Drawn Wagons operated out of the Carlton Street Stable -Three wagons restored
Horses returned to Retreat St. arabbers
"Day of Outrage " demonstration at City Hall
Baltimore City removes horses from Fulton St.(temporary) Stable citing "unsafe conditions"
Baltimore City removes temporary tent stable at Fulton St.
January-Arabber Heritage Inc.,a new nonprofit is formed to manage the new stable
Baltimore is back from one team (wagon) last year to more than six working teams!
APS begins restoration of Carlton Street Stable
APS completely restores roof at Carlton St. Stable with help from Preservation Maryland and Baltimore City Heritage Area
2008-28 horses from Retreat Street stables relocated from Pimlico racetrack to 2 tents at Fulton St. -B&O site
April 2008-Retreat Stable demolished
April 2008-Mayor Sheila Dixon now announces "The City has spent enough on the arabbers and has no more funds available to build the new stable"
September 2008-Baltimore City changes its mind and agress to build a new stable at the Fulton Street site November 2007: Horses given only one more month at Pimlico. City considers new temporary location.
November 2007: Work began on new stable to be owned and operated by Baltimore City at Fulton Street and the B & O Railroad.

Arabber Cart In Baltimore Produce Cart on Street Arabbing is a term used to describe the activities of a group of small scale entrepreneurs -- mostly Black and male -- who for more decades than anyone can remember have hired horses and carts to carry a variety of food items to the neighborhoods of Baltimore. (from a 1994 editorial in the Baltimore Afro-American)

Vendor's call (holler)

Contemporary Images of Arabbing
Young Arabber with horse. (26K) Brother of young Arabber sitting on cart.(27K)

Contact The Arabber Preservation Society, Dan Van Allen, President, 410-385-1277
118 S. Arlington Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21223

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